What makes swimming pool water cloudy

What makes swimming pool water cloudy

What Makes Swimming Pool Water Cloudy

A cloudy pool can make even the most beautiful and expensive pool appear less desirable, and it can look dirty. As a Houston Texas pool owner I am sure the question has risen “what makes swimming pool water cloudy”?. Because you have invested a significant amount of time and money into your pool, the last thing you want is for it to look opaque and unusable. Not only is a murky pool unappealing, but it is also hard to address the dull water, which is why you want to prevent it as much as you can.

The key to preventing your swimming pool water from getting cloudy is knowing what factors are causing it to turn this way. Here are some reasons why your pool may look cloudy.

Filtration Issues

A deficiency in your filtration system can cause multiple issues with your swimming pool, because your pool needs to be filtered on a consistent basis to remain clean at all times. If your filter isn’t working properly, it can cause the water to become cloudy. The water becomes stagnant as the system is not running enough or you are not cleaning the pool as it should be. Your system should be running 8-10 hours per day to clean your pool water.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of your filter. Is your filter the correct size for the dimensions of your pool? You may have the wrong filter size, which could be causing poor filtration of the water. Remember that your filter should be adequate for the size of your pool to prevent this from happening.

Chemical Imbalance

Believe it or not, there is a science behind the chemicals for pool maintenance for it to remain not only clean but also useable. If there is a chemical imbalance such as excessive alkalinity, higher or lower levels of chlorine than usual, high PH levels or even a mixture of a couple of these problems, it can cause your pool to become cloudy. The key is to achieve a balance between the sanitizers and the chlorine you use to keep your pool looking its best. Without the proper balance, unwanted particles and contaminants will multiply in the water.

The Environment

The environment in which your pool resides can also cause your pool to become cloudy, which is most common for outdoor pools not protected from their surroundings. Birds, trees, rain, pollution, construction, algae and more can all cause cloudiness in a swimming pool.

What makes swimming pool water cloudy?  In summary, if you have a swimming pool and happen to notice different levels of cloudiness occurring regularly, you may want to check the reasons above as they may be causing the trouble. Also, keep in mind that if your pool is suffering from a problem, you want to remedy it as soon as possible to prevent.

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