What causes green algae in swimming pools

What causes green algae in swimming pools?

What causes green algae in swimming pools?

 During the warmer summer months, specifically July and August, many pool owners in Houston will come to notice that their pool has become a growing breed for green algae. Green algae can become a pool owners nightmare if it isn’t taken care of as quickly as possible. If you are new to owning a swimming pool you may not be aware of what exactly is causing the green algae to grow in your pool. Some experienced pool owners have no idea as to what causes green algae in swimming pools as well.

Algae is essentially a single cell plant form that is actually microscopic to the naked eye when it is alone. However, when it gathers up with other algae it becomes extremely noticeable as it grows and expands in size. Once the algae has taken over your pool, it can be pretty difficult and costly to remove. Therefore, catching it in time before it continues to grow is a must as well as knowing how to prevent it. Here are some reasons your pool may have green algae in it.

Lack of Filtration

 One of the main reasons a pool may have algae is a lack of filtration. In order for algae to grow and prosper it needs to eat just like any living organism. Grime and dirt will cause the algae to continue to eat and grow.

You want to have a filtering system that works properly at all times that you are using the pool. The filtering system should work for the size of your pool and it should be replaced once or twice a year, depending on how much time out of the year you use your pool. If the filtration does not work, you will begin to notice algae growing quickly.

High PH and Low Chlorine

Your pool being exposed to large amounts of acid and alkalis will cause a chemical reaction that will increase the PH levels of your swimming pool. If the PH is too high in your pool then it will counteract with the levels of Chlorine that your pool has. Doing so will prevent your pool from cleaning effectively. If your pool does not clean the way it should, algae will take advantage of this and it will become a larger breeding ground for it.

Not Cleaning It Enough

Owning a pool is always an enjoyable experience. However, the maintenance may be a tedious task. Cleaning your pool is one of those tasks you will need to do frequently. Especially when it comes to brushing the interior of your pool. Brushing and scrubbing the walls of your pool are necessary when it comes to preventing algae. It removes the preexisting algae. Using the right brush will make all the difference as the wrong brush can cause serious damage to the esthetics of your pool.

Keeping algae away from your swimming pool is not the easiest thing to do. However, if you become aware of what is actually causing the algae it will be a lot easier to prevent it.


What causes green algae in swimming pools?

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