What are the best chlorine tablets for swimming pools

What are the best chlorine tablets for swimming pools?

What are the best chlorine tablets for swimming pools?

As a pool owner you may have contemplated using chlorine tablets for your swimming pool and want to know what are the best chlorine tablets for swimming pools. Chlorine tablets are used in swimming pools to get rid of viruses, protozoa and bacteria. They are a helpful additive to your pool as it helps keep your swimming pool clean and sanitized for a long period of time.

When it comes to keeping a pool clean and sanitized chlorine is a must. Essentially, chlorine is what makes your pool have a distinctive flavor. However, it does have multiple different uses when it comes to keeping your pool clean. Chlorine is responsible for killing bacteria, such as threatening microorganisms that can cause ear infections and athlete’s foot to name a few. These microorganisms are formed in stagnant water. In order to keep that at bay and keep everything clean, you need to continue to have high levels of chlorine. Which is when chlorine tablets come in handy. Here are the best chlorine tablets on the market.

Chlorine Types

Before we discuss the best chlorine tablets you first need to know that there are two different kinds of chlorine. There is stabilized chlorine and unstabilized chlorine. Stabilized chlorine is best suited for swimming pools that are outdoor and unstabilized chlorine is best for pools that are indoor.

Stabilized chlorine has a longer lasting power than unstabilized chlorine does. The reason is, under the sun stabilized chlorine helps your pool stay clean, because he more exposed to sunlight it is, the better.

Meanwhile, unstabilized chlorine does not work well with sunlight. Its effectiveness actually diminishes with the sunlight. Which is the main reason why it works best for indoor pool that does not get much exposure to the sun.

Best Chlorine Tablets for Your Pool

In the Swim 3 inch tablets


These tablets are 90% stabilized chlorine. They are the slowest dissolving and long lasting chlorine tablets you can possibly buy. By these tablets being slow dissolving they are able to keep your pool sanitized and clean for a longer period of time.

Kem-Tek Chlorinating Tablets


This chlorine tablet was created to maintain strong and steady chlorine residual. In order to do just that it is slow dissolving and concentrated for a long-lasting effect.

Pool Mate Chlorine Tablets


These chlorine tablets are stabilized, they were created to protect your pool from harmful UV rays as well as maintain the chlorine levels of your pool. They are manufactured with 90% chlorine to last a longer period of time than other chlorine tablets.


For pool owners you may be questioning what are the best chlorine tablets for swimming pools?  Finding the best chlorine tablet is critical since it will help with the longevity and cleanliness of your pool. It is also an excellent way to keep your pool free of microorganisms and dangerous bacteria. We have listed the top 3 best chlorine tablets on the market in hopes to guide every pool owner in the right direction.


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