Tips for cleaning your pool after a storm

Spring storms are notorious for gusts of wind, rain, and hail. They’re magnificent to watch but they can leave your pool looking worse for wear.

Want to get your pool swim ready as quickly as possible following a storm? Follow these simple tips:

Wait until the storm ends. You’d think this was common sense, but every year people all over the US are struck by lightning while cleaning their pools. Don’t become a statistic. Wait until all of the thunder and lightning has blown over before doing anything.

Skim debris. Start by skimming all major debris from the top of the pool. Sticks, leaves, branches, and bugs can quickly impact the pH balance of your pool water. Once that’s finished, double check your pool filter. Dump out the dirt and debris that’s collected there, too.

Test the water. Now it’s time to test the water. Get out your pH kit and measure the levels. Ideally, you want your pool’s range to fall between 7.2-8.0, if it’s not, it’s time to call in the big guns and re-chlorinate.

Shock. Take this step if your pool’s pH levels are off. Let the chlorine work its magic and let your pool sit overnight. Wait at least 12 hours to get into the water again.

It’s not that much work, right? Even with a big pool, you should be able to complete this process relatively quickly. Good luck!