Staying on trend with fire features

Want to make sure your backyard entertainment space is keeping up-to-date with the latest in modern design trends?

Fire features like fire pits, tiki torches, fire lanterns and cauldrons are all ways to add to your home’s atmosphere while adding lighting and ambiance.

Here’s a look at just some of the additions we can help you with:

Fire Pits. Everyone loves a summer campfire, right? Why not bring the family time to your back yard with a beautifully designed fire pit. No matter your shape or size preference, we’ll work with you to build a pit that’s perfect for fires, cookouts, or added affect.

Tiki Torches. Not only can tiki torches give your backyard a tropical, and sophisticated vibe they can also help fight back against unwanted pests like mosquitoes and flies. If you do a lot of grilling out back, these are a great investment.

Fire Bowls and Cauldrons. Are fire pits or tiki torches too old fashioned for your taste? Consider fire bowls or cauldrons. These mystical decorations capture and magnify the beauty of flames, and provide a beautiful back drop for your infinity pool or hot tub set up.

Turn your backyard into the hosting space you’ve always wanted. Now that fire features are in high demand, it makes sense to invest. You’ll both increase your homes value and make time with friends and family that much more enjoyable.