tips for pool safety

Common sense tips for pool safety

How big of a problem are unintentional drownings?

Numbers from the CDC indicate that 3500+ drownings occur every year and one in five of those drowning victims is under the age of 14. That equates to 700 children or almost two drownings-per-day.

Our pools are a place for us to relax, laugh, and spend time with the family, but knowing these statistics, it’s absolutely necessary that you consider safety precautions at home, especially if you have or will be hosting children.

Here are three simple tips for pool safety suggestions that can make all the difference:

Pool Fence. The best, most effective way to prevent an accident from happening in your pool area is by installing a pool fence. Young children are natural explorers, but often this curiosity leads to tragedy. If there is no way for someone to enter your pool area without the ability to climb at least six feet or unlock a gate, you’re already taking a big step toward preventing a serious injury or death.

Retractable Pool Cover. While it might seem like an extra hassle to remove a pool cover every time you plan on swimming, a hard top, retractable cover can prevent a little one or beloved pet from accidentally stumbling into your pool. Yes, it’s an extra investment but the money spent to save a life is absolutely worth it.

Monitoring System. Even with a pool fence or pool cover in place, it never hurts to have some additional backup. Security monitors and cameras are more affordable than ever these days, which means you can keep an eye on what’s happening near your pool even if you’re busy grilling or chatting with your fellow adults.

Don’t let your relaxing family area turn into the scene of a tragedy. Following these simple tips for pool safety suggestions can give you peace of mind and ensure your friends and family members are always safe.