8 Ideas for planning the perfect pool party

8 Ideas for Planning the Perfect Pool Party

From Intimate to Whimsical Create Your Perfect Pool Party!

From Houston to NYC to the shores of California, plan your pool party, invite family and friends, soak up the sun and dance the night away. Prepare delicious drinks, awesome appetizers, fabulous food and sumptuous sweet desserts. Top all of this off with illustrious lighting and magnificent music. Whatever the occasion, the preparation can be fun and the final outcome will be whatever you make it.

Dynamic Pools & Patios would like to share 6 of our favorite pool party planning ideas.


Create Your Own Photo Area.

  1.    Hang a backdrop easily made with a plain table cloth or fabric.
  2.    Shop Banners On The Cheap customize your personal banner highlighting the event.
  3.    Add the props.
  4.    Do not forget the camera.
  5.    Your guests will not only have so much fun, you will have everlasting memories as well.

6 Ideas for Planning the Perfect Pool Party Photo Booth


We Love This Sangria.  Hope You Do Too!

  1.    In a pitcher combine
  2.    2 bottle’s red wine
  3.    6 ounces triple sec
  4.    4 ounces brandy
  5.    8 ounces orange juice
  6.    Seven up to taste
  7.    Slices of apples, peaches and oranges

6 Ideas for Planning the Perfect Pool Party Sangria


Duct Tape Water Bottles

  1.    Shop Michael’s and adhere decorative duct tape to water bottles.
  2.    As night time approaches put glow sticks in a zip lock bag insert into the water.
  3.    Your water will have a vibrant colorful glow.

duct tape water bottles


Our Mexican Dip, Truly a Party Favorite!

  1.    Spray botton of pan with non stick cooking spray
  2.    Spread 1 lb. cream cheese on bottom
  3.    Spread 1 can (16 ounces) traditional re-fried beans
  4.    Spread 1 can (16 ounces) chili with or without beans
  5.    Spread salso lightly on top
  6.    Sprinkle a thick layer of shredded sharp cheese or mexican style cheese
  7.    Cover with aluminum foil, bake in oven for 50 minutes, 350 degrees
  8.    Serve with tostito chips

Mexican Dip Appetizer


Super Easy & Delicious, BBQ Pork Tenderloin

  1.    Place pork tenderloin in crock pot
  2.    Add diced onion
  3.    Pour bottle of barbecue sauce over
  4.    Cover and cook on low for 6-7 hours

crock pot


A Bit of Buttercrunch!

  1.    Cover a 15″x10″ cookie sheet with aluminum foil
  2.    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line up saltine crackers in a single layer
  3.    Mix 1 cup sugar, 2 sticks butter. In pan, bring to boil, stir until thick
  4.    Pour over crackers. Bake 350 degrees, 10-15 minutes or until brown
  5.    Spread 2 cups semi sweet morsals on top
  6.    Put in oven 1-2 minutes until melted, spread, keep oven off
  7.    Spread 3/4 cup chopped almonds or walnuts on top, press down
  8.    Put in freezer or refrigerator until hard, break up and serve

8 ideas for planning the perfect pool party buttercrunch


Illuminate Every Corner!

  1.    Hang strings of vibrant lights.
  2.    Place lanterns on tables with candles.
  3.    Uplighting to trees makes a great effect.
  4.    Flaming torches are always a favorite.

Outdoor lighting


Great Music Makes a Great Party!

  1.    Most Importantly create your playlist.
  2.    Add natural looking rock speakers to blend in with your yard.
  3.    If your yard is large, you will need speakers that play both left and right channels.You will also need speakers in each area on both sides so the sound blends and is not too loud in one area and too soft in another.
  4.    Depending on the location you can run the speakers directly from you home stereo system or you may need to add a second receiver or a wireless music player closer to the backyard area. Run the cable wire from your system under ground. Put the wire within pvc conduit to give you extra protection from gardening tools.


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