5 Pool remodeling ideas

5 Pool Remodeling Ideas


Is your pool old, broken down, faded, tired and just plain worn out? Whether you are looking for a minor pool remodel and want to add a few small features or a major pool remodel Dynamic Pools & Patios in Houston Texas offers a complete range of services such as:

Built-in Benches, Tables and Swim-Up Bars

Mingle with family and friends. This is a great escape from the norm of sitting along side of the pool while eating. You can now enjoy your favorite cocktail & snacks all while in the swimming pool. For an added touch an umbrella holder can be installed so you will be out of the shade.

Spa Spillovers

Add an integrated spa design which will appear to be part of the pools overall shape. Spa spillovers can be integrated in a variety of ways. Add a unique built in water feature to make your spa complete. The possibilities are endless. Swim and splash in the pool than take a relaxing soak in the spa to unwind.


Rock Waterfalls

A fabulous part of any landscape is always a rock waterfall. It can be built in the corner, side or end of any pool. Whether you are in or out of the pool, watching and listening to the rushing water is always a relaxing sound. Your rock waterfall can be custom designed to fit your poolscape with large boulders, medium rocks and small stones. For an added amazing touch add fiber optic lighting within the pockets where the water will spill from.


Fountains are an affordable way of adding both color and ambiance to your pool. Fountains come in many forms such as bubblers, cascades, wall fountains and more. A bubbler fountain features a pipe that sprays water up into the air for a striking, plume-like effect. A cascading fountain has a softer feel. Instead of using a pipe to spray water, the fountain makes use of multiple levels so water gently overflows from one level to the next. A wall fountain is where water trickles down from a handcrafted wall.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Add fiber optic lighting to the entire perimeter of you swimming pool. The light source comes from a spinning color wheel that distributes color through the fiber optic cable and out around the perimeter of you pool. Other fiber optic lighting fixtures can be put around the landscaping as well. Fiber optic lighting is a  fabulous idea and looks great at night.



These 5 pool remodeling ideas will enhance the elegance and ambiance to your pool. All can be customized to match your landscaping, home architecture, needs and desires.


No matter what you desire, big or small Dynamic’s team of professionals will work with you to transform your old, outdated swimming pool into a sparkling piece of paradise that will boost the value of your home and enrich your lifestyle.


Contact Dynamic Pools & Patios, Houston, today. Let us help give your backyard a new life. Let us create your personal 5 pool remodeling ideas just for you. Contact:  http://dynamicpoolsspasandpatios.com


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